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Sacramento Haunted Houses

Halloween is such a fun time of the year, there's no denying that. There's the pumpkins, the costume parties, the candy, and all of the happy, smiling faces of children. But we all know that all of that isn't what Halloween is really about. Halloween is really all about all of the scares. That's right, walking around all of the time around Halloween time and getting ready to be scared out of your mind at the next passerby, or just simply the ghoulish and terrifying environment. Halloween themed attractions begin to pop up everywhere including horror movies at the local cinemas, but we all know that the best Halloween attractions are the Haunted Houses.

Haunted Houses are large, usually re-purposed attractions that can take all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. They usually have some sort of cohesive theme that allows whoever entering the Haunted House to really feel immersed into the terrifying environment. These themes can be things such as haunted hospitals, where the entire setting is decorated with bloody walls, abandoned syringes, and with evidence of escaped patients--maybe even a few zombies! They can also include haunted forests, where you walk through a pitch black forest with terrifying things hanging from the trees, and creepy ghoulies popping out from being the trees, scaring you right out of your long johns. However, the most popular incarnation of the Haunted House genre are haunted houses themselves. Those terrifying, abandoned-looking structures that, upon entering, have all sorts of differently themed rooms and horrifying people dressed as witches, monsters, and more ready to scare you out of your wits.

Yes, there's nothing quite like attending a Haunted House. Many people prefer this form of horrifying entertainment to any other sort of Halloween entertainment because there is not really anything to compare it to. It is so immersive and terrifying that it's almost like you're in a real haunted house. Not to mention this, but the wide range of Haunted Houses that exist, and all of the different genres, make each and every Haunted House equally horrifying and unpredictable. How are you supposed to know if a terrifying man in a gillie suit is going to pop out from behind that corner if you've never been there before?

This obviously becomes a problem if you're relegated to attending the same old Haunted House year and and year out because it's the closest one to your house, and you can't justify driving around to all of these different Haunted Houses, especially if you're all on your own.

This is where renting a Party Bus comes in. By renting a party bus with a group of about a dozen or more of your friends, you can attend all of the best Haunted Houses in the area all in one night! This is easily the best way to experience Haunted Houses because you're always on edge and you never know what to expect.

Party Buses are awesome, mobile parties that come with brilliant interior lights, a state-of-the-art built-in sound system that plugs in and functions with anything that has an Auxiliary port such as n iPod or a laptop, and built-in, fully-functional coolers that can store any sort of drink that you want--even alcohol. This is because alcohol is completely legal for passengers to consume on board of a party bus. Oh yes, we went there! Giving yourself the liquid courage you need to attend the next Haunted House with a group of your best friends is the best way to spend the Halloween season!