Sacramento Wedding Caterers

As you stand at the very beginning of planning your wedding, before you know anything at all, what arena of your wedding would you guess is going take up the largest portion of your wedding budget? The answer is the caterer. So that being said, the stakes are very high as you look for a professional caterer. There are many things to consider. Obviously number one you want your caterer to be able to cook and serve up the feast of your dreams. Your guests will come looking to enjoy a great meal and we know that you want to provide it to them. But you want to start as early as possible in your search because the really exceptional caterers get booked up to a year ahead of time. If you are up to being Sherlock Holmes, then you will have a good start because that is the way we want you to search and to think. We encourage you to put on your perceptive hat as you journey throughout the Sacramento area. And get ready to ask a lot of questions. As you begin to gather as much information as possible from your potential caterers, you will come to the place where you will feel comfortable about hiring one professional in particular. We have provided this guide to help you get to that place.

There are many caterers to check out in the Sacramento area and there is a huge range of expertise. As you start your search, we recommend that you keep your caterer within 20 miles of your wedding venue. You can start by doing a Google search for caterers that are within this range. Look at their website and specifically check out their portfolio what they have done in the past. They should also have menus on their website. Look for the cuisine that you are interested in having at your wedding reception. Contact any that look promising and find out if they are available on your wedding date. Once you know this for sure, have a face to face meeting.

Now, this is where you will want to put on your boss cap. It is time to do some interviews. Ask about their experience. How long have then been in business. Why did they get into the business in the first place? A caterer with limited experience would spell disaster for your wedding. Are they licensed for food and alcohol. Do they need to get any permits for your venue? Who will be your contact on your wedding day? You want to make sure that they provide that because you want someone there who makes sure all goes well.

In term of the menu, tell them your budget and how many guests you will be having. Do they specialize in a certain cuisine? Do they have any recommendations? Make sure you setup a tasting. This is a must. Whatever you might have at your wedding you want to sample first to check the taste. Can you customize the menu? What kind of packages do they offer? Will they be setting up the tables and providing the table d├ęcor? Will they coordinate everything with your venue? Are they the ones who will provide the linens, glassware, plates, and even furniture? You need to know so you can make other arrangements if necessary. Can you bring your own alcohol?

How many servers will they provide? How will they be dressed? What is your bottom line cost? Have them break everything down by line items. How long will it take to setup and tear down. Do they require a deposit? What about hidden fees? Once you have finished with all of your candidates, do a side by side comparison. Once caterer should emerge as the one for your wedding needs.

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