About Sac Party Bus

Sac Party Bus is firmly entrenched within the culture and "scene" in Sacramento. We have striven, since our inception, to create a company which not only provides premium transportation services, but also to be a company that works to maintain the highest level of excellence for our vehicles, customers, and employees.

Our success is evident with the smiling faces who are the face of our company. They work to elevate our position in this great industry, and all have a common goal of making you, our customer, satisfied in every single aspect of your dealings with us. Our high rate of repeat and corporate business clientele is the firmest testament to our success, and is what keeps our growth moving forward at a steady rate. People won't come back to a company who has not performed admirably. So, it is our goal, with each and every customer, to treat them with the highest level of service in every single facet of their dealings with us.

As we've alluded to, you can attribute our great success to our people. They are the eminently competent and happy voices who answer your call, take your reservation, and answer any questions you might have. They are the ones who keep our vehicles spotlessly clean each and every time they leave the garage. They are the people who work on the mechanical operations of our vehicles around the clock to insure that there aren't any breakdowns. And, finally, they are the consummately professional chauffeurs who have extensive training and experience in taking care of even the littlest detail to make your night a completely amazing experience!

We invite you to experience the best in luxury transportation in the state of California! Give us a call or send us an email today, and we'll get you going full throttle on your unforgettable party bus or limousine experience with us!