Sac Party Bus Pricing Policies

Sac Party Bus works hard to keep our pricing fair and ahead of the curve! We understand that sometimes when you want to go a little further to spoil yourself, you still want to get a great value for your hard earned dollar. In the few words that follow, we'll do our best to outline the way we set our pricing and give you some cost savings tips to go along with this.

We don't operate on a set pricing system. Fluctuations in operating costs gives us a unique opportunity to reduce our rates at time and give you a good value for our services. There are a couple of primary factors which most affect our operating costs. First of which is demand. How does demand affect our operating costs? Well, when the demand is high, we have to work even harder to keep our fleet running in prime condition, and work even more to keep everything in "as new" clean condition for each and every one of our valued runs. To accomplish this, we are required to keep people on staff through all hours of the day and night... which invariably increases our operating costs. This increase is reflected in the rates we thereby have to charge to account for this. In order to save money, you can book around our busiest periods and save money by going with "off-peak" days, seasons, and times of day. Another prime contributor is fuel costs. If there is a spike in fuel costs, it might affect our rates as well.